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Challenge us with something that seems to be impossible!

We design and develop multimedia-based exhibits and solutions that enable users to experience familiar content in novel ways. We are convinced that there is a perfect medium for every message and we’ll tackle any challenge with our acoustic, visual and haptic arsenal.

2007 Foundation of LAB BINÆR – lab for media art // ACM Multimedia Interactive Arts Program, Augsburg // Media art festival lab30, Augsburg 2008 Honorary Mention at Digital Sparks // European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück // fmx/artek, Stuttgart // Blaue Nacht, Nuremberg // Cultural days, Weicht // Quality Seal at Europrix Multimedia Award // Bavarian National Museum, Munich 2009 Blaue Nacht, Nuremberg //

Extended Vita


PAGE »Statt Blumen«


Unser unkonventionelles Projection Mapping »tag it« hat es in die Neujahrsausgabe der PAGE geschafft. Vielen Dank und gutes Neues!

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