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Biography and exhibitions

Challenge us with something you do not believe that it is possible:

We design and develop multimedia-based exhibits that enable the user to experience familiar contents in a new, previously unknown way. We are convinced that there is aperfect medium for every message. This aim is achieved by using the right mixture of acoustic, visual and haptic stimuli.

2007 Foundation of LAB BINÆR – lab for media art // ACM Multimedia Interactive Arts Program, Augsburg // Media art festival lab30, Augsburg 2008 Honorary Mention at Digital Sparks // European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück // fmx/artek, Stuttgart // Blaue Nacht, Nuremberg // Cultural days, Weicht // Quality Seal at Europrix Multimedia Award // Bavarian National Museum, Munich 2009 Blaue Nacht, Nuremberg //

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Good reception


Oh yeah, we are invited to the Bavarian Economy Night of the VBW. We show them projects of the last years plus an brand new audiovisual installation consisting of several mobile devices we created together with neonpastell and YEAH.

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Wetten dass..?

Internet-Clip in Legetrick-Technik

Everybody’s talking about apps, everybody’s producing apps, everybody’s downloading apps – we created an internet-clip about an app:

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Applied Experiment


In our sixth year we felt like a live cell therapy, the result was a complete redesign, which merely preserved the name, the font and a color from the old days.

At the heart of our appearance lies a very atypical, generative word-/figurative mark: »LAB« stands for the experimental part of our work, whereas »BINÆR« represents the numerical system, which is the basis for our modern brush, the computer.

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Consisting of six exhibits, »blank« is an experimental, sculptural ensemble – a room occupying master concept, which’s several word meanings first of all correlate with one-another: shining – bright – purged – clean – empty space, as in a space bar on a keyboard. These and other nuances pose the impulse and invisible framework of the project that is finally completed by the audience.

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Participative installation for a public building

Science and art both require space to breath and should be able to prosper without any outside influences – a common ground we can agree upon.

But do they influence one another, in a noteworthy manner, as required by the challenge we submitted to? Or is that a statement in order to bask in reflected glory? These questions led to a controversial discussion during our preparations.

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